Our Philosophy: A Curriculum of Enjoyable Enrichment

At Discovery Clubhouse, your children will receive training from long-term, experienced staff, in a safe, caring environment. Our teachers emphasize physical, social, emotional and intellectual development for your children.

Daily Lesson Plans establishing activities in areas that will encourage your children to “discover,” ask questions, and interact individually or as a group throughout the day. Lesson plans also include one giving/service project per month where children will learn to serve others in small ways without reward.

The classrooms are set up into eight Discovery Learning Areas:

A child will learn best when he or she is having fun

Infants & Toddlers

It provides a safe and nurturing environment where babies can grow and learn every day by exploring and making new discoveries with our help. For healthy brain development, the experiences infants have during the early months of life are most important.

Our staff gives lots of personal attention and interaction and will promote the basis for intellectual and social skills. Trained staff meets each child’s needs.


At this age, your kids are making new discoveries daily. In our warm and loving classroom they will experience through discovery:

  • Daily routines of circle time, art, music and movement and large motor development, with inside and outside playtime
  • Our staff also focuses on potty training, cooperation (sharing and taking turns)
  • Our balanced approach in the classroom engages young minds with a blend of music, art, and movement, as well as the early education fundamentals they’ll need as they continue on to preschool
  • At Discovery Clubhouse, children can choose from independent activities in the classroom such as language arts, math and manipulatives, blocks, science, dramatic play, and art learning centers. Teachers will also implement small-group activities, focusing on skill-building, cooperation and observe their behavior
  • As 2-year-olds begin to exert their increasing independence, Discovery Clubhouse will continue to open their eyes to a world of learning, sharing, exploring, personal hygiene, and self-expression
  • Children will participate in quiet activities as well. After a child has had a quite rest after lunch, they can visit learning centers or participate in individual or small-group activities until most of the children have awakened

3 & 4-Year-Olds

Our staff uses a weekly theme that includes:

  • Children will participate in hands-on-learning which include circle time, simple math, science, art, music, motor development, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales
  • Our staff works hard to help develop social skills (working together, taking turns, conflict resolution, etc.)
  • Participate in cooperating as a group
  • Understanding social concepts such as “please” and “thank you”
  • Learning new vocabulary and repeating words and short sentences
  • Identifying numbers, counting, and estimating items
  • Using all the senses to investigate the world around them, like exploring the physical properties of water, sand, wind dirt, and paper
  • Problem-solving and making predictions


Among the skills our staff works with your children on the skills needed for kindergarten are:

  • Each week the children are introduced to a letter and works that use that letter
  • Children will learn to write their names
  • In our pre-kindergarten, children will explore through discover the computer, art, science, music, more motor development, reading books, nursery rhymes and fairy tales are included program
  • Our staff works on strengthening their balance, motor skills, and coordination with lots of running, jumping, and throwing
  • Learn the distinctions between fantasy and reality
  • Learn the difference between cooperating versus competing
  • Understanding and following rules
  • Kindergarten age before and after school program, 5 – and 6-year-olds
  • We have an excellent before and after kindergarten program

School Age 7 to 12 Year-Olds

Among the many highlights:

  • We offer instruction before and after school. We can transport children to and from most schools by our Discovery Clubhouse buses
  • After school care includes a snack, help with homework, art, board games, outside play and computer
  • Children will receive extra instruction to support curriculum learned at school. Help with homework in the areas of spelling, assigned reading, language arts, literacy, math, art, social studies, geography, science and technology, health, self-esteem and physical exercise
  • Your kindergartner will develop age-appropriate and relevant social, emotional, physical and academic skills to help him become a confident, competent learner
  • Discovery Clubhouse works on student’s ability to collaborate with classmates, participate in group discussions, ask thought-provoking questions, discuss goals and share their experiences
  • One of our goals is for the children to gain a sense of accomplishment and pride in everything they do
  • We encourage the children in team-oriented experiences whether on the sports field or in the classroom

Curriculum Tailored to Each Child's Unique Learning Style

Our curriculum is center-wide and includes monthly and weekly themes that are incorporated through daily circle time, reading, science, music, dramatic play, and art projects. We also focus on the alphabet, shapes, numbers, and colors.

We tailor our curriculum to your child’s unique learning style. Your children will enjoy the hands-on activities that Discovery Clubhouse provides daily.

At Discovery Clubhouse, we offer days packed full of activities. All of our activities help the social, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional development of your children.

Enjoyable Activities to Augment and Enhance Learning

Enjoyable Activities to Augment and Enhance Learning

The curriculum is based on our exclusive "Criteria for Excellence" program:

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